Credit card without a permanent job and income

Previously, there were very strict requirements that had to be met when applying for a credit card. This meant that it was not possible for many to have a credit card. Now it has become considerably easier as the companies have realized that it is quite possible to have a good economy even if you do not have regular work or equal income every month.


Best credit card with no fixed income

Best credit card with no fixed income

Here we give you a complete overview of card companies that have previously been positive to customers who do not have a permanent job and income. Here you can compare the different companies’ terms and conditions as the effective interest rate and you can also find where you find the most appropriate credit card discount agreements that best suit you.

It will pay off for you to evaluate your own needs against the comparison one does, although it is important with a low effective interest rate it is actually even more money to save by using the credit card properly using all the discount deals and other included goods such as free travel insurance.


The best credit card is individually

The best credit card is individually

What is the best credit card is individual for each. You have to look after your own needs and what many do not think about or realize is that you can save big money as long as you use a credit card correctly. With very good fuel agreements, for example, you can save money if you drive a lot and therefore use a lot of fuel every month if you use the credit card instead of cash or your regular bank card.

Many people who are without fixed income work as temporary agents or freelancers on an assignment basis and then can pay to use the credit card and maximize discount agreements and so on and when you get paid for a job you pay used credit and thus have saved money .


Jobs and income are not always required

credit cards

As already mentioned above, the companies have realized that the work and income situation is very different today compared to only a few years ago. For example, there are very many people who work online as freelancers, and therefore many clients pay for completed assignments through online services, and then transfer the funds to their bank account. When you work in this way you have no permanent job or income but can still make good money and have a stable and good economy, this is also understood by the card companies and therefore it is not always required that you have a job and income.

On the other hand, you must undergo a credit check to get an assessment of your credit rating and based on the score on it it is decided whether you can get a credit card or not, possibly what amount of limit you may have available in the card. Such a score of your credit rating is done by an outside company that looks at your financial information such as payment notes, your latest tax returns, business interests and other financial matters.

They arrive at a point score that they return to the card company using it in their evaluation of the application. If you have payment notes, for example, you will score very low and in the opposite case you have little debt and can show good finances you will score high and it will be attractive to have you as a customer.


See the companies requirements in the overview

See the companies requirements in the overview

In addition to seeing all the terms and conditions of the different companies in the overview, you also see the different companies’ requirements for you as a customer. All companies have somewhat different requirements so before applying, it is okay to familiarize yourself with these so that you are sure not to send unnecessary applications.

It is free to apply for a credit card, but if you do not meet an absolute requirement on the part of the credit card company then there is also no need to spend time. It is better to focus on the companies that you see to fulfill their requirements. In this way you apply to several companies and you will be able to choose from several positive answers and you can then choose the credit card with the very best terms, low effective interest rate and with bonus schemes or goods included in the credit card that is best for you.

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